The X Factor USA Wiki
The X Factor USA Wiki
Wiki Information
Owner Wikia, Inc.
Formed October 22, 2012
Part of N/A
Purpose An information source on The X Factor USA and their contestants.

A site for fans to speculate and edit.

The X Factor USA Wiki is a wiki-based resource and community site dedicated to The X Factor USA Wiki and their contestants.

The goals of The X Factor USA Wiki are:

  1. To be the ultimate guide to everything to do with The X Factor USA. Everyone is encouraged to help and add everything they know.
  2. To create a community site for members to share their views and their theories on the Glee Project.


Why should I be a part of The X Factor USA Wiki?[]

Our resource of information on The X Factor USA is entirely written, maintained and updated by people like you. The X Factor USA Wiki is dependent on volunteers for its continued survival. As a multi-faceted site with a strong community, being part of The X Factor USA Wiki can only be a positive experience.

What can I do on The X Factor USA Wiki?[]

Many wonder what they can do on, or how they can help The X Factor USA Wiki. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of activities and jobs that you can do.

  • Improve and/or rewrite articles: As The X Factor USA Wiki is based around an encyclopedia of everything to do with the Glee Project, this can be said to be the core activity of the site.
  • Express your views through blog posts: Writing a blog post is a good way to let your opinion on the original TV series or even the wiki itself be known in the community.
  • Chat with other community members: You can chat with other community members , which can be accessed here.

What are the rules on The X Factor USA Wiki?[]

Being a wiki-based site, which by its nature should be editable by anyone, there is a necessity of having certain policies and guidelines (or "rules") to guide use of the site. Our policies and guidelines can be found here.


Who founded The X Factor USA Wiki and when?[]

The X Factor USA Wiki was created on October 22, 2012, by Gleekerr LetItRock898, LonelyMockingjay. These three are still active members and can help with anything needed.

Who is the leader or webmaster of The X Factor USA Wiki?[]

Hosted by Wikia, The X Factor USA Wiki does not, and will never have a member who has the final word in community decisions, or any semblance of formal authority. Community decisions are the responsibility of all members, made by consensus through discussion. However, for maintenance and moderation purposes, The X Factor USA Wiki has a group of administrators, who are experienced members of the site entrusted with additional tools.

Who designed the theme, home page etc.?[]

If The X Factor USA Wiki is not run and hosted by a single person, then it is logical to ask who is responsible for the front-end look and feel of the site. As The X Factor USA Wiki is a wiki, a number of people collaborated to provide The X Factor USA Wiki's current designs. The current theme and home page, with background and logo, was designed by LonelyMockingjay.


If you wish to contact a specific individual on The X Factor USA Wiki, or if you are looking for help around the site, the following users are experienced and can be consulted.


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Bureaucrat Inactive
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Bureaucrat - She helps keep the wiki up to date. He makes sure that all information is correct. Makes sure everyone is following the rules, and contributing to the wiki. Updates the progress charts. Active
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Bureaucrat - He creates the design of the wiki, alongside with the main page, and does the coding for it. Also, checks for spam and vandalism Active
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Sysop - . Inactive

Adapted from The Glee Project Wiki's About Us page