Dexter Haygood
Names Dexter Haygood
Age(s) 51
Hometown Memphis, Tennessee
Category Over 30s
Mentor Nicole Scherzinger
Elimination Information
Place N/A
Dexter Haygood is from Portland, Oregon, and currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee. In the first live show, he performed a mash-up of "Womanizer" and "I Kissed A Girl" and was eliminated by decision of his mentor Nicole Scherzinger. In an interview, Haygood said he wanted to leave the show two days before lives shows because he couldn't be the "rock artist" he wanted to. He told his mentor Scherzinger, she went to the producers with the situation. The producers told Haygood that he had to perform on the first live show, then would be eliminated on purpose by Scherzinger.

X Factor PerformancesEdit

Performance Theme Song Result
Audition Free Choice Through to Bootcamp
Bootcamp 1 Judge's Choice Not Aired Advanced
Bootcamp 2 Judge's Choice "Creep" Advanced
Bootcamp 3 Free Choice Not Aired Through to Judges' Houses
Judges' Houses Solo "Crazy in Love Through to Live Shows
Week 1 Judge's Choice "Womanizer"/"I Kissed A Girl" Eliminated by Nicole Scherzinger


  • He was (any may still be) homeless.