RoXxy Montana
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Names RoXxy Montana
Age(s) 20-22
Hometown Wayne, Michigan
Category Groups
Mentor Simon Cowell
Elimination Information
Place Top 16 (No actual place)

RoXxy Montana are an American all-female R&B trio from Detriot, Michigan who made the top 16 on season 3 of the X Factor USA. They were a part of the Groups catagory, mentored by Simon Cowell.

The group consist of sisters Temperence, Tenija, and Tiara Moton.


The girls have been singing in the church where their parents are pastors since they were children. They had even tried out for the show in season 2 but didn't make it past bootcamp.

Before trying out for the show again, they admitted to the judges to being on a deadline, each intending to go to college if they didn't make it in music.

The X Factor

RoXxy Montana auditioned in Long Island, taking on the song "One Night Only" from the musical Dreamgirls. The judges stopped them, having not been impressed by the song, and Simon Cowell singled out Temperence as the group's best vocalist, referring to her as the group's "secret weapon". The girls then took on another song acappella and bought down the house. Kelly Rowland praised the girls for their amazing harmonies. They got four yeses and made it to the next round with Simon Cowell as their mentor.

Four Chair Challenge

In this phase of the competition, RoXxy Montana took on the Michael Jackson classic "Man In The Mirror", wowing the audience. Praised by the judges for their harmonies, the girls made it to the live shows.

Live shows

In the live shows they took on Lorde's hit song "Royals", but they ended up being the one group who got sent home.

Post X Factor

Since their time on the show, the girls have kept their fans updated on what's been going on via Twitter. On May 9, 2014, the group announced that they had signed a deal with an independent record label called Swift Endeavor.